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Discounted Training Rates For:

Initial / Recurrent / Upgrade / Ancillary Training

Book your next Recurrent or Type Rating training through PILOT SIM BROKERS and save up to 30%, or more, off the price you would pay by booking directly with the pilot simulator training providers.

I know some pilots are saying, “hold on to your money, wait until things turn around”. The economic experts are saying that business aviation will lag behind the economic recovery by at least several years.  The hard fact is that we pilots are quickly coming to the end of our 90 day, 6 month and 12 month currency windows.  Companies who are using contract pilots are going to have an increasingly difficult time finding current and legal pilots.  Why place your pilot certificate, your years of training and experience, in jeopardy?

Those pilots who do what it takes to get their recurrent training or add that type rating they've been wanting, will be current and legal to fly.  Companies in need of contract pilots are more likely to hire pilots who can present proof of recent training.  Add to that the fact that those companies who are actually hiring full time pilots are looking for typed and current pilots to fly their aircraft. 
Why miss out on that contract job or that full time position you’ve been wanting because you don’t have the type rating or you aren’t current?

Why wait when you can add your name to the list of pilots who are current and ready to fly?

For info. and prices call +1-954-675-1179 or email to:  info@pilotsimbrokers.com

Be sure to check our Training Discounts page to find the list of available aircraft training platforms and to see what's NEW with PILOT SIM BROKERS services.


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